Movable Silence Booth

Movable Silence BoothA small space for your most creative work

Low carbonSoundbox is committed to the environment by using recycled carbon plastic material on office phone booths.

EvolutionSoundbox is the creator and namesake of the “Silence Booth”, starting from the first industrial of “silence Booth” in 2012, we launched the very first commercial “Silence Booth” 2016 in China. They are the evolutinary works of acoustic application technology.

The XR Series

Movable Office BoothMake private calls and video conference in style with our classic office phone booth

The SR Series

Acoustic Office BoothWork in a fun & productive environment

The AR Series

Office Privacy BoothA functional and adaptable space for your team to meet, create and collaborate

A private space that every employee wants

Successful companies are focused on making their employees happy at work

Soundbox silence booth completely solves the noise and privacy problems of the open office, allowing employees to work more efficiently and happily, our silence booth is the common choice of Fortune 500 companies.

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